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Dan's Cool Red Baron Plane by Lego. The model contains just 7 colours of bricks: red, white, black, brown, yellow, light grey and dark grey. The majority of the bricks were red. It was hard to find red bricks for obvious reasons...

This cool model has 676 pieces...

And took over 8 hours to build ...

The top wing flaps go up and down.

Check out the detailed cockpit.

The tail flaps go up and down while
the tail goes side to side.

This model weighs in at 840g!!

The seat doesn't look too comfortable though.

The detailed engine was a bugger to make, the axle that the propellor spins on had to be spaced accurately to enable the propellor to spin properly.

So there you have it, Dan's amazing, detailed Lego Red Baron Plane. Hope you liked it Mandi.