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Cute cat smiling

Caitlin after her voyage on the STS Leeuwin II, 29 December 2003


Caitlin on the STS Leeuwin II




    Caitlin 03-2
Caitlin 03-4
Caitlin 03-3

Caitlin, 21 December 2003
Caitlin on Pony, Mt Pleasant Primary
School Fair, November 2003

Kids 2
Caitlin and Austin, October 2003
Kids 1
Karate Caitlin, June 2003

Caitlin's 8th Birthday Party, July 2003


Caitlin's Birthday July 2003

Caitlin Year 3
Caitlin's Year 3 School Photo, 2003

Caitlin, First Day Year 3, 2003

Caitlin with wombat, December 2002

Year 2 School Photo, 2002

Caitlin and Austin, 2002

Caitlin dressed up for school play, 2002

Caitlin March 2001

Caitlin's Christening, when we finally got around to it (in 1998)

Caitlin and Dan 1998

Caitlin's Famous Friends:

Caitlin and Grant Hackett 2001  Monica Trappaga and Caitlin at
her 4th birthday party, 1999
Caitlin and Stuart Little, 1998

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"Daddy's Austin Lancer", by Caitlin (Fathers' Day 2001)

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